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            Thanks to all the customers and friends’ supports to SUNLUX at 126th Canton fair
            Encontro:2019-10-24   Visualiza??es:349

            The first phase of the 126th autumn Canton fair came to a successful conclusion on October 19. As a highly regarded brand in the automatic recognition industry, SUNLUX showcased its corporate style to the world and assistance to "Made in China".

            SUNLUX team warmly received every customer came to visit our booth, and positively gave them professional explanation on product performance, helped customers to have a deeper understanding of SUNLUX products, innovation and strength.

            For SUNLUX, participating in this international trade feast not only builds a bridge of communication between manufacturers and customers, but also deepens the in-depth communication between the brand and customers. It also builds a window of brand display, delivering the latest brand information and products of SUNLUX through the exhibition.

            SUNLUX is becoming stronger and stronger along the time. After more than 10 years of professional precipitation, facing with fierce market competition, SUNLUX will continue to speed up the developing of the international market and win more market discourse power. Let’s witness the bright future of SUNLUX!

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